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Mandy Elliott


Mandy Elliott Deep Tissue Massage Therapist AKA The Soft Tissue Detective.
Mandy's approach to massage is focused on aches and pains which limit or prevent people of any age from participating in, or fully
enjoying their normal daily activities. Her aim is to discover the cause of discomfort and do what she can to remove it, or provide
information and assistance in making it easier to live with. Even if there is a clear diagnosis for where you are now, there may be
underlying chances for beneficial change. The human body is enormously adaptable and it is often more responsive to subtle, gentle
techniques than those applied with force; this is the way that Mandy prefers to work.
Mandy started her anatomy journey with a level 5 diploma in sports injury and massage.For more than ten years since then, Mandy has consistently exceeded the annual industry requirement for continued training and amassed an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, bio-mechanics, functional movement, neuro-muscular connections and a catalogue of advanced massage and rehabilitation techniques.
Mandy is realistic and approachable and adapts her work to suit the individual, including children from birth-18 years with disabilities and special needs.
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Appointments are available with Mandy at Elixir on Tuesday, Thursday and most Saturdays.
How to choose the right treatment
Take time to consider what is it that you want from your massage, Mandy will employ the most appropriate techniques to help you achieve your desired outcome.
Please be aware that the root cause of any discomfort may be in a different part of your body and so treatment may include areas of the body that you haven't considered part of the 'problem'.
If your aims are any more than pure relaxation please book 90 mins for your first appointment.
If the aim is a mixture of relaxation and remedial work, or for a full body treatment then a 90 min treatment is best.
1 hour appointments allow enough time to focus on targeted treatment for half a body, ie back shoulders arms and neck, or, feet legs hips.
90 minutes ~ £75 recommended for your first appointment
60 minutes ~ £55
30 minutes ~ £30 for existing clients only
90 minutes ~ £75 suitable for 15 years old and over
60 minutes ~ £55 suitable for 10 years old and over and initial appointments
30 minutes ~ £30 suitable from birth, for existing clients only
Mandy Elliott
Massage Therapist