Kamella Warner - podiatrist

Kamella Warner – Podiatry Services



Kamella has been working as a fully registered Podiatrist since 2010

BSc (Hons) Podiatric Medicine

Mchs – Member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists

Hcpc Registered – Registered with the Health & Care professions council


Treatment details and pricies:

1st/Routine footcare treatment        £40   30 mins

  Follow ups                                          £ 30

- Foot assessment

- Toenails trimmed and any nail problems addressed

- Hard skin/callus & corns removed

- Specialist foot cream applied

- Treatment plan discussed and foot care advice given

- Referral if necessary


Verrucae management                        £30-£50     30 minutes


- Verrucae will be debrided

- Caustic therapy or cryotherapy available

- Course of action determined individually


Biomechanical Assessment                £65  1hr


A postural examination, paying specific attention to the lower extremities to establish any abnormalities, which could relate to the problems in the lower limbs and feet. Such as, localised pain, boney deformities, callus and/or corn development.


Treatment plan advised & orthotics/ prescribed if needed


Podiatry/Chiropody conditions managed in treatment:

- Corn removal

- Hard skin/ Callus removal

- Routine nail care

- Ingrowing toenails

- Verrucae eradication

- Fungal nail infection control

- Wound care

- Plantarfasciitis

- Flat feet

- Diabetic foot care

- Metatarsalgia

- Pain management

- Biomechanical assessment

- Orthotics/ Insoles advice

- Bunion