Protection and immune remedies/Covid

March 26, 2020

Protection and immune remedies/Covid

Immune Protection

Help boost daily immunity and help prevent or recover more rapidly from respiratory infections

This is especially important if the body is under stress, the elderly, people with underlying health conditions, pregnant women and those with compromised immunity/auto immunity.

First line of defence

Silver spray - Silver historically was used on burns victims to speed up the healing process. Is a great tool to have in the first aid kit in general but even more importantly to bring it with you wherever we are "allowed" to go at the moment! Silver has a natural antibiotic action. Working as a first aider internally and also externally. Use a few sprays into the mouth for protection and bacteria killing purposes but also use to spray on hands and into water/or on glasses when you feel it's needed. 

Silver Gel - same as above but in a gel format. Handy to put into your pocket or handbag for quick use.  

Both of these silver products are in my option better than the general hand sanitisers being used as their mode of action is broader and actually not as harsh on your hands which is being seen on many feeds as red and sore.

Cider vinegar- As most of you have heard cider vinegar is great in your kitchen cupboard fullstop! For general cooking on salads and also aiding the breakdown of foods in your stomach. It's helpful for aiding stomach acid and the assimilation of carbohydrates.... marketed as a marvel in the slimming circles!! But for this situation it is fanatic at killing bacteria in the throat. So for all with colds and flu used as a gargling remedy would be perfect. Helpful for cutting through mucus. We want to stop the mucus from sitting on your chest and lingering. This is when things progress, sit, fester and get worse.

After you have been out on your daily walk or been surrounded by people (hopefully with social distancing!) once home you could give yourself an extra boost of protection by gargling with 1/2 tablespoon of cider vinegar in some warm water (Warm fluid is also an important factor to do this)

Zinc- zinc is needed for more than 300 functions in the body. But the one we need here would be to enhance our white blood cell count to fight invaders. It also helps heal all the glands in the body. So this mineral is a must in any wound healing, responses and infection.

Vitamin C - In food form and capsule form this vitamin is key. One of our main antioxidants. It is an antiviral nutrient. Helps to increase the number of immune cells. Vitamin C is depleted by viruses.

Vitamin D -Is critical to the immune army. It helps the body to call the immune cells to meet the virus. Without this your immune army doesn't work properly. Unfortunately at this time of year in the northern hemisphere we don't get enough through just being outside with skin exposure.

Probiotics -The gut houses 70% of your cells which make up our immune system, These cells have a close relationship with 100 trillion healthy bacteria that live in the gut. So eat probiotics which feed the gut bacteria such as garlic, onions, leeks, oats, asparagus and chicory. Also eating foods which contain probiotics like coconut kefir, sauerkraut and kombucha. You can also find this friendly bacteria in capsule form, providing many different good strains of bacteria which reside in different parts of your gut. Try our own multi flora in a capsule, 50 billion strength probiotic or Optibac probiotics extra strength daily capsules to aid your immune army.

Antiviral herbs 

Catsclaw -is one of my hero herbs as it helps to strengthen the nervous system. helpful to stop stress undermining our health. Cortisol suppresses certain sections of our immune army. This herb helps support the immune system. It's antiviral but also helps the stress pathways.

Astralagus -Particularly good as an antiviral in its own right, specific for the lungs and immunity.

Echinacea-The most popular well known herb, useful for increasing the immune army.

Ivy & Thyme- Great for strengthening the lungs and respiratory system. Used as an antibacterial aid. Useful for coughs and sore throats. Helps as an expectorant.

Tinctures (liquids)-Helpful in a herbal form to get into the system faster. 

Additional helpers

Lemon juice- Rich in antioxidants, breaking down of mucus and high in C.

Elderberry- So versatile in its usage. Generally a lovely berry with lots of antioxidants and sweetness but it also has immune benefits as well. Elderberry has this great knack of protecting the body from the first stages of immune attack. Elderberry protects and stops the virus from invading our cells and replicating.

Elderberry tea- Ours coming soon! Hopefully back in stock next week.

Foodie tip...

Sugar -Albeit on everyones lips at the moment due to comfort eating in this unknown environment we find ourselves in! It is an evil to our immune systems...... Every time we eat refined sugar it suppresses our immune system for a number of hours afterwards. Not what you wanted to hear is it?! 

 Sugar substitutes like xylitol or stevia would be the best port of call at the moment as they can act more like a fibre in the body not as a sugar so we aren't agrravating and fuelling the condition further. Use this in your daily cuppa or baking. Just taking little steps like these could lighten the immune load significantly especially if you already have a virus. Giving the body an upper hand. Foods really can harm as well as heal.

Spicy, warm pungent herbs are the name of the virus game as it helps to break up mucous deposits so think garlic, ginger and turmeric.

The key here is to stop the virus bedding in deeper and stop it before it makes a home in the lungs.

Water -keep hydrated to help the immune army to circulate around the body by the lymphatic system. Warm drinks are better than cold. Cold water slows the digestive systems down and can hinder so the more warm fluids the better. Keep caffeine low and herbal drinks high.

More helpful tips to come!

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